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Group Session (WM4444)

Rediscovering your Inner Truth workshop
Mentor: Wilhelmina McKittrick Duration: : 2-3 hours (depending on nr. of participants)
Location: Skype / on location
Min. number of participants:  6
Max. number of participants: 25

Learn to expand your perception, understand your truth and heart connection.

What and/or whom feeds me toxic energy, disempowers me and makes me feel weak or unhappy?

Who have I allowed into my proximity, that is causing me unhappiness, and why?

Why am I anxious?

Why am I distracted so often?

What are my current important life lessons?

What is emotional independence?

How can I neutralize this unwanted drive/energy within me?

How can I rise above it?

Learn all these important steps and more, during the "Re-Discovering your Inner-Truth” workshop.

Course material (included):
E-Book titled; Self-Help Manual to Self-Awareness, by Wilhelmina McKittrick
The content of the classes is based upon the level of experience of the participants. Below you will find a rough outlining of the subjects that will be discussed.
Bring a notebook/laptop to take notes.

Part 1
Introduction The Wheel towards Self-Awareness
Focus points - Self-love; Why, is it so hard to love ourselves?
Conditioning; understanding versus knowing
Self-analysis; understanding your Self by recollecting memories of past experiences/feelings/interactions
Release/neutralizing conditioning
New you

15 min. Break

Part 2

Focus points
Ego and scattered pieces & Higher-self
Family/ loved ones /strangers and their purpose
How to implement spirituality in your daily life

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