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Staffs. The staffs are all unique. Feel what speaks to you. Some come with a message from Spirit.

A Heart's activation service will be provided, and is included in the price.

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Light Staff Progress

Light Staff Progress

Kyanite, Lapiz Lazuli, Adventurine, Black Tourmaline, Ohio Celestite, Clear Quartz Crystal; 43"

Our Price : $120.00 ea

Staff titled Revival

Staff titled Revival

Activated in the healing vortex of Sedona.

info to follow/upon request

Our Price : $99.00 ea

Staff titled Channel

Staff titled Channel

Activated in the healing vortex of Sedona 
Length: 37 inches/93 cm
Stones: Clear quartz crystals, selenite, smoky quartz, blue lace agate, pyrite

Our Price : $89.00 ea

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