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Monthly Inner Journey Event (WM444411)

Facilitated by: Wilhelmina McKittrick –

Topic: Transformation from 3D to 5D consciousness

When: Monday, May 15, 6:30pm-8:00pm

Where: Radiant Living, OKC –

$25 p/p - registration:

Or in person.


Every month Wilhelmina will facilitate an interactive and guided group session to help understand, clear or heal ones Inner Journey, in these times of transformation, followed by an Interconnection Session with the Angelic Realm – read more about this on her website.

The topic of each month, will be announced in the meet-up group Inner Journey, and on the Radiant Living Center’s website.

Looking forward meeting you all!

What are Interconnections?

Interconnection sessions are guided meditation sessions in ordinance with the Angelic realm. During these sessions, the focus is on peace and love energy. The energy within is directly fed by the ones connected. The purer the group the purer the energy flow. The larger the group the larger the energy flow.


 What happens when we interconnect?


In the interconnection session, all the people and beings with the same intent are gathered together worldwide.  The intent is all that counts.  As an energy re-director, Wilhelmina holds the energy of the group, together with a group of Angels, within a high frequency, so the group can unite and put their energies together to help each other on their journey of healing/knowledge/clearing. What is of importance at the time, is directed by the Angelic realm and will be voiced by Wilhelmina, as she guides you through your inner journey.


It does not matter where you are in your spiritual growth and awareness, as the inner light of all that are present is shared and aids in reaching your personal goals.



The road we journey onto is like a web or grid made up out of individual strings all effecting the total of the web, all creating the web. The more people, the more energy, the purer the essence the purer the energy and so on.


Any doubts, fears, anxiety is transmuting the connection. That is why it is important to clear the mind – as much as possible, and to focus on purity and love energy to neutralize the mind clutter and emotions that are earth based so to speak. Wilhelmina will guide you through a clearing process prior to the interconnection session.


The energy of the Angelic realm enhances ours, it purifies our energy and feeds it with Loving Light energy. Once a connection is established we are taken up high to the highest vibration our soul can carry. We come face to face with our true self, as the love energy fills up our being and essence. Any lessons, healing and adjustment the angelic realm is allowed to share with us, will be shared. Whether you can hear, see, feel or not at the time, you will feel your personal transformation. Which will increase, the more often you take the journey.







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