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Monthly Inner Journey Event (WM444411)



Monthly Inner Journey Event

Facilitated by: Wilhelmina /


Topic: Multi-Dimensional Activation

When: Monday November 20th, 7pm

Duration: 1 ½ hrs.

Where: Radiant Living, OKC –

$25 p/p - registration:

Or in person.



During November’s Inner Journey Event, Wilhelmina will guide you through a powerful Transformation as you will journey through the 9 dimensions, to establish your Multi-Dimensional activation.

She will be accompanied by the caretakers of the fifth Dimension: the Pleiadians.


Bring a blanket to lay on.



If you have a group  of 5 or more, that missed an event or workshop, and would like to learn more about this; contact me, and we can schedule a different time and/or place.


Passed events: Programming of our Mind & Crystals, Reconnecting with your Inner-Dragon, Gateway Keepers & The Grid, Transformation from 3D to 5D Consciousness, Elevating your Frequency, Re-discovering your Inner-Truth, Sleep Pattern Improvement Class.


Looking forward seeing you at Radiant Living!






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