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Monthly Inner Journey Event December (WM444411)

Come journey beyond te 9th Dimension.
Wilhelmina will share with you the newly received and help guide you to your next level of consciousness, guided by beyond.

It is beneficial if you have gone through the Multi-dimension al activation, but not required.
Follow your heart, and feel if you are ready for this journey.

In January the Multi-dimension al activation will take place again, followed by the Journey Beyond the 9th Dimension at the beginning of February. 

Bring your blanket and pillow to lay on.

Feel free to join my Xsist group on Facebook to be kept up to date on my events and creations, and read about peoples experiences during the activations.

If you have a group  of 5 or more, that missed an event or workshop, and would like to learn more about this; contact me, and we can schedule a different time and/or place.


Passed events: Programming of our Mind & Crystals, Reconnecting with your Inner-Dragon, Gateway Keepers & The Grid, Transformation from 3D to 5D Consciousness, Elevating your Frequency, Re-discovering your Inner-Truth, Sleep Pattern Improvement Class.


Looking forward seeing you at Radiant Living!






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