Celestite; angelic stone. Facilitates communication with your guardian angel.

They have an energy that is at once soothing and uplifting, giving you the sense that you are being watched over by a loving caretaker.

Using celestite can help you get in touch with divine beings who can improve the harmony, happiness, and divine wisdom within your life.

Celestite is a wonderful crystal for psychic healing. If you are troubled by unwanted negative emotions, then celestite is the perfect stone for learning how to let go of them. So often, we hold onto negativity because it is familiar.

Celestite will help you learn to accept the process of letting go of those feelings.

It is a cosmic teacher, and can teach you lessons about yourself and the universe that many people remain permanently ignorant of, or else have to suffer terribly to learn.

The high cosmic vibrations of celestite will awaken you to facets of existence that you never knew existed.

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