Private or small group Personal Acceleration Program

by Wilhelmina Creations
New classes starting January 2019. Maximum attendance per group: 6

Powerful Personal Acceleration Program, focusing on clearing the outgrown, understanding the connections with beyond, learning how to receive, implement, and emerge into one’s true self.

The focus during the Personal Acceleration classes will stretch from learning the required fundamentals, to advanced and independent abilities to continue onward on this road called life in a new light. Goal is to alter your own perceptions and abilities beyond your current imagination, yet according to your truth.

Classes will be centered around the following: During these classes, I will be sharing my personal completed lessons, tools, experiences and the given in connection with beyond.

Hands-on practicing, journeying, learning how to perceive the given, clearing the required energy/entities/outgrown, implement the given, reaching a deeper level of consciousness, and much more. Followed by entering existence into a higher frequency, in conscious connection with your higher-self.

Each class will be constructed as follows:

Sharing of perceived information and lesson(s) on topic, Q&A, Hands-on practice, Q&A, Groundwork for next class.


Logistics: Personal Acceleration Program is a 10 day course. Duration 1 1/2 hours to 2-hour classes, depending on group size. Location: Radiant Living,  OKC.

Dates of classes will be set according to class preference. First day us set to get started.

Cost or individual classes $75

Cost per person $50 with 2 or 3 participants 

Cost per person $35 with 4 or more participants

If you cannot make a class; contact Wilhelmina ahead of time and your payment for the missed class will be assigned to the following class.

Payments made are non-transferable, and non-refundable, but can be used towards one-on-one sessions or products at .


Day 1 - Monday January 14th, 6:30pm-8:30pm
Topics: Introduction, The Wheel towards Self-Awareness
How my personal awakening started.
Self-Love and the importance; how to implement/allow self-love, and why.
Practice: Mirror Practice and Truth Journey.

Day 2 

Topics: Energies around and within us, Communication with our guides, and visitors from beyond.
How my communication started and developed.
Practice heart connection.
How to achieve connection with beyond, followed by journey within to our guide or loved parted one.

Day 3
Topic; Independence, Challenges versus Opportunities
Personal experience, lessons and tips.
Integration process of Emotional Independence; what it means, why it is essential, how to achieve this.

Day 4
Topic: Elevating and balancing of our frequency
Personal experiences, lessons and tips
What it means, why it is important, how to achieve it.

Day 5
Topic: Clearing, Universal Healing Energy
Personal experiences, lessons and tips
Learn how to heal yourself and others, how to energetically cleanse yourself, and your environment from energetic intruders; Tools, and hands-on practice.

Day 6
Topic: Multi-dimensional perceptions; explaining and experiencing depth of existence
Personal experiences, lessons and tips
Learning about the different dimensions, the influences, and connections
Practice: Connection to specific dimensions – depending on the group

Day 7
Topic: The Grid, leylines, vortexes and Gateway Keepers
Personal experiences, lessons and tips
What it is, how to access it, and why.
Practice: Journey through the world’s grid

Day 8
Topic: Home Planet, Understanding one’s mission
Personal experiences, lessons and tips
Practice: Journeying to Home planet

Day 9
Topic: Manifestation, Telepathic connections; how & why
Personal experiences, lessons and tips
Practice: Programming & Telepathic connections

Day 10

Topic: Truth; walking your talk, life's missions, higher-self
Personal experiences, lessons and tips
Journey to your Higher-Self

 Looking forward to get started again!   

Feel free to contact me with any further questions. 

Until we meet again.

Within Love, 




I’ll keep this short and sweet. Shock to Those Who know me ) . Before attending the personal accelerated class with Wilhelmina , I would always introduce myself and tell folks I was crazy. And apologized all the time for the energy I give off.I really thought I was too much and was desperate to find peace.Now I have learned to respect the wonderful way I am. To embrace all the pieces of me ,scattered and perfectly placed.I am in touch with the peace inside of me and trust myself more than ever before.The veil has been lifted and I see myself Finally! I have witnessed so many amazing things in the classes .My personal growth was rapid and at times I had to pinch myself . Now I constantly smile because things just make since now. I feel one would have to experience it themselves to understand .I am thankful for the Friendships and tools I’ve received. I truly know Now, I am not alone and I’m connected to everything.I can not wait to share the love I have for everyone( in my unique way).

Kaalen O’Bannon


I recently participated in the Advanced Personal Excelleration classes facilitated by Wilhelmina and wanted to shared my experience. 
I witnessed growth in the other participants but will only speak about my own. 
During the first class, Wilhelmina asked "what is the biggest blockage that you are facing right now?" She stated that by the end of the 5th (and final) class, this blockage will be no more. My personal blockage was a reluctance/fear of FEELING. I had been going through a "rough patch" in my life and I no longer wanted to feel any longer. I was in a place where I felt worn out from constant turmoil. (If you have ever been there, you'll know what I mean.) 
As odd as it sounds, I can't tell you exactly what was discussed in every class. (Wilhelmina sent an email after each class that went over the topic that day, so for me, there wasn't a need for note taking.) 
During the journeying (deep meditation for those unfamiliar) we released parts of ourselves and reclaimed other parts of ourselves through various journeys. There were new journeys incorporated in the Advanced class that I had never 
done before and I believe were created specifically for the Advanced classes. But I digress, back to my experience.
Sometime after the first class I began to feel more peaceful. During the second class, I felt a healing taking place during one of the journeys. During the third class I felt a tremendous improvement to the extent that I felt I no longer needed the final two classes. (The final two classes were beneficial in other ways.) As I looked back on the previous two classes I realized all I did was feel. It was the only sense that I was using and it felt AMAZING! I went in a span of three classes to breaking through my blockage. I have never in my life felt as good as I have in the last few weeks. Most people reading this do not know me so I will tell you that I am not an exaggerater. Not at all! A large weight feels like it has been lifted and the feeling of peace is incredible. I now know how to access this place whenever I feel it's needed. A close friend of mine (cough,cough Kaalen 
;) ) asked me on the last day if I had a facial because I was "glowing" from the inside out. That is truly how I feel. I went from not wanting to feel at all to enjoying it. That is a big shift in a short amount of time. I encourage anyone who is hesitant about signing up to do this for yourself. So worth it. Catherine Gunner



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