Guidelines on how to use your Wand/Staff

Guidelines on how to use your Wand/Staff:



There are different type of wands; Light Wands, Meditation Wands, and Staffs.

When it comes to using your wand, it is important to follow your heart and intuition. Some examples on how and for what, to use them are:

  1. It can help you with balancing your chakras; simply hold the wand in the left hand and gently touch or close to the body in the area needed.
  2. Aids in angelic/outer world communication; hold the wand upwards while in meditation/communication.
  3. Aids in healing sessions by enhancing the energy flow; keep it next to the body of the ones that are being healed or point towards the places that require energetic assistance.
  4. Helps re-center your inner-self when having anxiety attacks.
  5. Open/closes portals.
  6. Removal of blockages.
  7. Regeneration of earth energy flow.
  8. Aids in activation and initiations, etc.


What is a Light wand?

A light wand is an enhancer. It is a Light tool to use to enhance your heart intentions.

They are created to use for your own hearts benefit and for the benefit of All.


What is a Meditation wand?

A meditation wand is a tool to help calm and empty your mind, and to help facilitate a meditative state of mind.


What are Staffs?

Staffs are similar to Light wands, as it is an energy enhancer, yet with a stronger flow of energy.


These wands and staffs are uniquely created from intuitively picked fallen tree branches, stones and crystals. Decorated with leather, symbols & charms.

Guided and directed by her guides, Wilhelmina puts together the wands from A to Z.

For Light wands and Staffs the name is given at the end, which holds a deeper meaning of the purpose and future owner. The fact that you are drawn to one, tells you that your essence knows how to use it.

The owner is known by spirit when Wilhelmina creates it. If you feel drawn to a light wand, contact Wilhelmina, and she will let you know if yours has been made, or still needs to be created.