Wand Creation History

I started creating wands around 2005/2006. I was told that I was going to create a wand. I was guided in the entire process; I got the right stick, stones and placement of the stones to find out that the wand was not going to be for me, but for my husband. After this wand, I was guided to make others. Each time, I was in the process of it, the owner announced her/himself. This procedure continued, until I learned that the fifth wand I was creating, was mine. By then, it was clear, that I needed to make these light wands for others.

Over time, I made close to two hundred, which found their rightful owner. The light wands were activated for the full use, and were used to aid in meditation, healing and guidance, as they enhanced the owners' ability to do so. The stones were mirroring their light energy, which helped in the tasks that were to be fulfilled by the owners - in the past and the future.
For me, it was a great reunion, when the owners announced themselves. I cannot explain how grateful I was, and am to help create the creations that was and are ready to be made.
Around 2013, I was guided to make a different type of wand. The meditation wands came to birth.
The meditation wand helps to empty your mind, so your higher-self can be reached at greater ease. Know that you are responsible for actually allowing yourself to meditate. When it is your time to surrender to the silence, your true self can be recognized and embraced.
In 2016, I was guided to bring and activate some wands and staffs in the powerful vortexes of Sedona, Arizona.
The staffs are a multitude of frequencies brought to one sound, that bounces of the grid's surface into the essence of your being. 
The acceleration of inner-transformation, that was enhanced in 2017, has altered the process of activation. The heart activation that used to be required, has not been required anymore, as the ones that are ready to receive their wand/staff, have established or are establishing the heart connection as soon as the wand/staff comes in their possession.
Let your true journey begin!
For more information, feel free to contact me.
Within Love,