Journey of Soul's Integration Series

by Wilhelmina Creations

Faciliated by Wilhelmina McKittrick & Carolyn Burton


The Journey of Souls Integration Series
We have come to the understanding that loving self should be as natural and normal to mankind, as breathing.
In these times of transformation, the ones that have chosen to be in the awakening process of existence, are working on embracing unconditional love for self. We have shed parts of self, came to grips with and embraced many fractions of self as we journeyed on our path called life.
The experiences, teachings, and lessons we felt drawn to, have opened parts within, that allowed us insight in our true abilities and strengths, which prepared us for our next adventure.

We are called upon to guide you to the next level. Guided by beyond and our personal life experiences we have allowed ourselves to be ready, willing and present to facilitate the Advanced Course; The Journey of Souls Integration series.

The Journey of Souls Integration series, is being offered to help you reach true connection with your soul’s purpose, within your soul’s . Are you ready for the next level of consciousness? 

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