Angel Oracle Reading - One-on-One Session

by Wilhelmina Creations

Angel Oracle Reading: Learn about your current roadblocks, and how to solve them.

Wilhelmina shares, in connection with Spirit and her higher-self, what is important for you to know, in the here and now, so your path to self-exploration and growth, becomes clear.


2019 is soon to be behind us as we will be entering 2020!
2020 will feel like stepping into a new era. Do you want to hear what's important for you to know?

I am offering a 4 card reading. Four cards will be drawn from the Angel Oracle deck and for each card the purpose will be channeled and shared with you ahead of time. A list of these purposes plus images of the card and the translation given by the Angel oracle book, will be send to you.

You can schedule a session at the center, or order this online for a long distant reading.

Have a wonderful day 💜🦅💜🌈


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