Personal Acceleration Program II

by Wilhelmina Creations

Powerful Personal Acceleration program II; As our journey continues, our exploration continues. What we have to offer to ourselves and each other expands as far as we allow it to expand.

Part II is an ongoing journey, guided by our higher-self and beyond where topics will be shown and shared for the next class as they arrive to me our you. Yes, you as well will tap into the topics that are next on the agenda!

The first 5 were shared with me for now. See below.

Classes will be centered around the following:

  • During these classes, I will be sharing my personal completed lessons, tools, experiences and the given in connection with beyond.
  • We will continue working in a high frequency, in conscious connection with your higher-self; Hands-on practicing, Art Creations, Journeying, learning how to perceive the given, clearing the required energy/entities/outgrown, implement the given, reaching a deeper level of consciousness, and much more.



  • Personal Acceleration Program II has 2-hour classes. Scheduling will be according to availability of all participants.

Pre-Registration is required! By email/text/registering online

Minimum number of participants: 4


If you have a location and group of 10 or more, or would like to participate in online classes through Skype/Telephone; Email Wilhelmina (

  • Cost: $35 per class

Payments made are non-transferable, and non-refundable, but can be used towards one-on-one sessions or products at .


Day 1

Topics: Reflection

Higher-Self Guidance; how has it shifted, how can it improve

Past Life Selves; Identifying, remembering, releasing

Practice: Past Life Journey.


Day 2

Topics: Lemurian Codes

Feeling, Receiving, Translating, Integrating

Journey to ancient times of existence


Day 3

Topic; Exploring the depths of Egypt

Our ties, our knowledge, our past, present & future

Journey to the Pyramids


Day 4

Topic: Totem/Spirit Animals

Deep Journey within

Get to know yours

Create your piece of art


Day 5

Topic: The history of the Light Wands created by Wilhelmina

How/Why working with it

Creating your own.

 Extra cost depending on required stones.

Do you have a group of 4 or more?

Sign-up online or contact Wilhelmina today, to sign up: ,, or +1 405 470 9555

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