Working with the Oracle Classes

by Wilhelmina Creations
Working with the Oracles

 Have you ever had a reading, watched the story unfold, and realize that it is your life?
 Do you want to become a reader and need professional insight?
 Have you ever wondered how to read any of the card decks on the market?
 Have you ever wondered which decks you should use?
 If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then this class is for you!
Join us!

After the completion of all 4 classes, the participants will receive a Certificate of Completion. Cost per 2-hour class: $25 Full Program - 4 days - Special: $80 Pre-register on – under Group Sessions Location: New Life Art & Wellness Center, 905A S. Bryant Ave., Edmond OK 73034

You don’t want to miss this!!!

For 4-day Program Schedule, visit:

Bring yourself and any decks that you would like to bring, and a notebook and pen.

Tamara Milner Tamara has been reading cards since she was 7; she has been talking to Beings of Light for her entire life – without giving away her age, know that it’s been at least ½ of a century! Tamara loves the cards for the visuals that they give the clients. Tamara uses 4-8 different decks of cards during a reading – find out why, and if you too would benefit from using that method. Tamara has also been a teacher of children through adults of academia and has learned to trust the below graphs. Scientifically it has been proven that people hear about 5% of what you say when listening to a lecture, but add visuals and 20% of what you see & hear you will remember, add demonstration and it goes up to 30%, all the way up to “teaching others” which shows a 90% retention level – this is why we will use all learning modalities while learning.

Wilhelmina McKittrick Wilhelmina is the founder of New Life Art & Wellness Center. She facilitates various classes in line with reaching a deeper connection with one’s inner-self and all that is. She works as a life-coach, author, intuitive artist, and hypnotherapist helping others uncover the truth of their divine Self and Multi-Dimensional existence, so the journey within the New Paradigm can be understood.
She shares her teachings through Dutch and English YouTube videos/radio shows, workshops, and one-on-one consultations.
With her natural connection with beyond and the light of truth of her divine nature, she helps others recognize their own connection to their light and beyond. She has been helping others in various ways, guiding humanity through their ultimate challenges and helping them to rediscover and erase their outgrown conditionings. Since 1999, she became aware of the guidance of higher levels, once she said yes to her conscious inner journey with Spirit. Many of those teachings she passed on through her books; "Xsist - for Reflection and Contemplation with your Inner-Self"- 2005, and "Self-Awareness – Rediscovering your Truth” -2010. Being a native Dutch, living in the U.S.A., working with people worldwide; The world is her playground.

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